A Taste of Distinction

Press & Praise

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Dear Angela,

Life is not a continuum-it is a sequence of discreet moments. Richness in life comes when we are fortunate to have several of these wondrous experiences. The promotion party you put on for us is just one of these moments.

My promotion to President and Chief Operating Officer of MetLife, as our party invitations read, is a reflection of our families, friends, neighbors and business associates that have been so supportive of us. We wanted our thank you celebration to be as special as the many people who joined us were to Denise and I. Well, my dear friend, you made it happen! Everyone had an outstanding evening and even the littlest details were perfect. The food, the flowers, the total look and most important, your people who served our guests. The warmth and friendliness your staff displayed was that special finishing touch to your masterpiece.

This is a great moment in our lives and we want to thank you so very much . We ask that you thank all of the others for us as well. The party exceeded any expectations we could have had. There will be more parties, and we look forward to another “Taste of Distinction.”
Our love and thanks.

Robert H. Benmosche